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We’re a group of passionate e-bike enthusiasts dedicated to sharing our knowledge and experience.

Our website, ebikesguid.com, is your ultimate resource for comprehensive e-bike information.

We want to educate people about ebikes, help them find the perfect ride, and maximize their e-biking enjoyment.

ebikesguid.com was founded by Abhay Akkina, a B.Tech graduate with a deep love for ebikes.

His goal is to make e-bike knowledge easily accessible, empowering everyone with the information they need to make informed decisions.

He believes ebikes offer a fun, practical, and eco-friendly way for people to get around.

Abhay akkina

Our Mission

We aim to be the go-to source for reliable e-bike guidance. We envision a world where ebikes are well-understood and embraced by many.

We strive to help people discover the benefits of ebikes, find the best model for their needs, and have the smoothest possible e-biking experience.

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Our team is composed of e-bike enthusiasts and experts committed to providing the most accurate and helpful information.

We have extensive experience within the e-bike world and love sharing that knowledge.

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  • In-depth ebike guides: Explore our detailed guides on many e-bike aspects – choosing a bike, essential maintenance, and riding safely.
  • Honest ebike reviews: Find unbiased reviews of popular ebike models to help you make the perfect choice.
  • Ebike news and updates: Stay updated on the newest trends and developments in the e-bike world.
  • Ebike community: Connect with like-minded e-bike enthusiasts, exchange ideas, and have your questions answered.

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We are your trusted source for e-bike information.

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We are here to help you discover the joys of e-biking and navigate every step of your journey with confidence.

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